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The FarmVille Forgotten Fan Sheep, Join him on FaceBook!

Av simon hallgren - 27 maj 2010 21:38

Remember the race between the FarmVille Cow and Sheep to get the most fans on their FaceBook Fan Page?

Well, the Cow won, but it is still not too late to join others and “like” the FarmVille Sheep on FaceBook as well! You can “like” or previously called “become a fan” of both the Cow and the Sheep.

As an incentive for reaching 2 million fans, FarmVille will release a special Fan Sheep! The Fan Cow has already been released. Remember, the more fans that join, the cheaper the Fan Sheep will cost once it is available in the FarmVille Market.

Currently the FarmVille Sheep has 1 835 684 fans. So come on FarmVille Freaks, let’s help the FarmVille Sheep get more fans by joining his fan page!

Join the FarmVille Sheep Fan Page on FaceBook by clicking the link below:

FarmVille Sheep Fan Page on FaceBook



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Av simon hallgren - 28 maj 2010 02:38

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