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FarmVille Unreleased Tuscany Castle & Tuscany Wedding Cake

Av simon hallgren - 27 maj 2010 21:25

What would a fairy tale wedding be without a Tuscan Castle and a Tuscany themed Wedding Cake? Every princess deserves a castle and a Tuscany Castle is even better. These unreleased items are almost certain to be part of the limited edition Tuscan theme.

What do you think of these unreleased items? Would you like to see them on your farm?

Note: Unreleased items have no official release date or guarantee that they will make it to the FarmVille Market. Zynga is the sole owner of all their copyrighted images.



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Av simon hallgren - 28 maj 2010 21:44

Farmers will certainly be working extra hard in the next few days, below the FarmVille game screen there is now a notice for Double Mastery Weekend!                                   ...

Av simon hallgren - 28 maj 2010 15:36

                                These are the rumored transformations provided by FarmVille Freak Oliver: The Brown Foal, Gray Foal, Pinto Foal, White Foal, Appaloosa Foal will grow up into a Black Horse. The Clydesdale Foal and percheron...

Av simon hallgren - 28 maj 2010 10:42


Av simon hallgren - 28 maj 2010 02:38

   FarmVille mentioned new underground storage taking up 2 plots and offer 200 storage. We are all super excited about the announcement but were unsure of when, how or how much. Well thanks to FarmVille Art we have the exclusive images of the entra...

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